Top 20 High Demand Jobs in Canada, 2021 & Beyond

If you are looking for a job with the potential of high pay and job security, then you should consider a job in high demand in Canada.

There is currently a labor shortage in Ca
nada thus providing thousands of job opportunities for foreign workers. These opportunities are available to skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled foreign workers; there is, therefore, a need for foreigners to take advantage of this by immigrating to Canada and contributing to its economic growth.

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It is also important that you are aware of the top ways to get a job in Canada from anywhere in the World

This article would provide you with the most in-demand jobs in Canada.

Keep reading below;

Canada’s Most In-Demand Jobs For 2021 & beyond. 

1.     Web Developer:

Web developers are experts who design websites and web applications. They are needed by almost all organizations in Canada.

With Canada’s two-week processing timeline for the Global Talent Stream, web developers have higher chances of receiving a Canadian work permit.

·        Average salary: $62,522

·        NOC Code: 2175

2.     Registered Nurse:

Canada has an aging population. Moreover, Canada pays so much attention to its healthcare system. Registered nurses are highly needed in healthcare centers.

·        Average salary: $76,362

·        NOC Code: 3012

3.     Driver:

Commercial drivers are in demand in Canada. They are needed in Canada for so many reasons such as transportation of people, driving of trucks, etc.

·        Average salary: $44,836

·        NOC Code(s): 7511, 7521, 7452 

4.     Electrical Engineer:

Electrical engineers are critically needed in an advanced or modern economy. They build, maintain, improve and operate electrical control systems, equipment, and machinery. They are therefore needed in important industries in Canada including power generation and distribution, renewable energy, manufacturing, and construction.

·        Average Salary: $91,832

·        NOC Code: 2133

5.     HR Manager:

Human resource managers are responsible for managing the human resources of establishments. They are needed in Canada to help Canadian employers choose and develop the right talent. They are therefore in high demand in Canada.

·        Average Salary: $89,003

·        NOC Code: 0112

6.     Sales Associate:

Sales associates and sales representatives are extremely needed by Canadian employers to create the needed point of contact between products and customers or with other businesses. They are therefore in high demand in Canada.

·        Average salary: $50,255

·        NOC Code: 6411

7.     General Labourer:

General laborers are needed in every province and territory in Canada. They are needed to take physically demanding jobs like cleaning, moving loads, and many more.

·        Average Salary: $47,678

·        NOC Code: 7611

8.     Financial Advisors:

Financial advisors provide financial advice to individuals, families, and establishments. They are in high demand in Canada.

·        Average salary: $57,410

·        NOC code: 0111, 1114

9.     Pharmacist:

Pharmacists are needed to promote well-being and health in Canada. They are healthcare professionals with the knowledge on the right way to use, store, preserve and provide medicine.

·        Average Salary: $89,314

·        NOC Code: 3131

10.  Receptionist:

A receptionist sometimes known as an administrative assistant performs various administrative purposes such as connecting callers with the right employee and handling basic customer service problems. They are needed by various establishments in Canada.

·        Average Salary: $31,304

·        NOC Code: 1414

11. Accountant:

Accountants are needed by almost every establishment in Canada to help keep and interpret its financial records. To boost your chances of getting a job as an accountant in Canada, you would need to have a CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) certification.

·        Average Salary: $59,100

·        NOC Code:  0111, 1111

12. Project Manager:

Project managers are professionals with the lead role of planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and closing projects for an organization. They are needed by various sectors in Canada ranging from marketing and sales to engineering and lots more. To improve your chances of getting a job as a Project manager, you would require a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

·        Average Salary: $91,425

·        NOC Codes: 0211, 0213, 0711, 1221

13.  Welders:

A welder is a skilled tradesman who joins metal together. They are not enough welders in Canada. Welders are therefore in high demand in Canada,

·        Average Salary: $73,504

·        NOC Code: 7327

14. Business Development Manager:

Business development managers are responsible for helping businesses in Canada grow by identifying sales leads, identifying new business opportunities, pitching goods and services to new clients, and maintaining a good working relationship with new contacts. They are currently in high demand in Canada.

·        Average Salary: $84,003

·        NOC Code: 4163

15.  Heavy-duty mechanic:

Heavy-duty mechanics are responsible for maintaining, servicing, and repairing heavy-duty machines and vehicles in transportation, construction, or farming industries. Heavy-duty mechanics are crucial to the Canadian economy and are therefore in high demand.

·        Average Salary: $82,864

·        NOC Code: 7312

16.  Merchandiser:

Merchandisers are needed by retail stores in Canada to perform various duties such as ensuring that products in their right quantity.

·        Average Salary: $48,610

·        NOC Code: 6222

17.   Aerospace Engineer:

Aerospace engineers are responsible for the building or designing of aircraft, systems for national defense or spacecraft. Chances of getting a job as an aerospace engineer in Canada with of course the right education are very high.

·        Average Salary: $98,347

·        NOC Code: 2146

18.University Professors and Lecturer:

University professors and lecturers have always been in demand in Canada. They are needed by higher education providers such as a University in Canada.

·        Average Salary: $83,584 (lecturer), $100,300 (professor)

·        NOC Code: 4011

19.   Industrial Electrician:

Industrial electricians can install, maintain, test, and repair industrial equipment and associated electrical and electronic controls. They are needed by electrical contractors, factories, plants, mines, and other industrial establishments in Canada

·        Average Salary: $83,671

·        NOC Code: 7242

20.   Software Engineer:

Software engineers are needed by many establishments in Canada to build software under the objectives of the various establishments.

·        Average Salary: $100,562

·        NOC Code: 2173



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