MOST Easiest Ways to Immigrate to Canada as an Unskilled Worker, 2021

Yes, you can immigrate to Canada as a low-skilled and unskilled worker. Unskilled workers like laborers, drivers, office support staff, butchers, truckers, etc. are needed to drive the economy of Canada. Unskilled workers are therefore crucial human resources to the Canadian economy.

Canada is currently having a massive labor shortage. There is, therefore, high demand for unskilled workers in Canada. What does this mean? It means that you do not need a degree to immigrate to Canada. You just need to be willing to work

Easiest Ways to Immigrate to Canada as an Unskilled Worker


1.     Provincial Nomination Programs (PNPs):

You can immigrate to Canada as an unskilled worker through the Provincial Nomination Programs.

How the Provincial Nomination Program help you to immigrate to Canada as an Unskilled Worker

Every Canadian province and territory in Canada operates its own PNP designed to meet its economic and demographic requirements or needs. Due to labor shortages, these provinces and territories would need foreign workers like you to help meet their economic needs.

If you are interested in immigrating to Canada as an unskilled worker, you should learn more about the Provincial Nomination Program.

2.     The Agri-Food Immigration Pilot:

The Agri-Food Pilot is tailored towards the needs of the Canadian agri-food sector. This immigration program would provide a pathway to permanent residency for experienced, non-seasonal workers in specific industries and occupations.

The eligible industries under the Agri-Food Immigration Pilot are;

·        Meat product manufacturing;

·        Greenhouse, nursery, and floriculture production industries, and

·        Animal production

3.     The Atlantic Immigration Pilot:

The Atlantic region of Canada provides unskilled workers the opportunity to immigrate to Canada through the Atlantic Intermediate Skilled Program. The Atlantic region consists of four provinces: Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland and Labrador. To immigrate to Canada under this program, you would first need to check if you satisfy all the requirements of the Atlantic Intermediate Skilled Program


How to Find Unskilled Jobs in Canada

Below are some of the effective steps you would need to take to get a job as an unskilled worker in Canada;

Step 1: Create an amazing resume

Step 2: Adapt your resume to the Canadian format

Step 3: Know the nature of the job you want and make sure you are good /fit for it

     Step 4: Get a LinkedIn profile and use it to your advantage

Step 5: Register with a recruitment agency that specializes in Canadian job placements

Step 6: Find a Job that suits you on Canadian job sites

Step 7: Get a LinkedIn profile

Step 8: Accept a job from a Canadian employer

Step 9: Apply for a Canadian work permit

Step 10: Travel to Canada and begin the job. You should also know how to get a job in Canada as a foreigner

How to work in Canada as an unskilled Worker

To work in Canada as a semi-skilled or unskilled worker, you would need to have a job offer from a Canadian employer and a work permit.


The Temporary Foreign Worker Program

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) is initiated to assist Canadian employers to hire foreign workers. It also ensures that unskilled foreign workers are treated fairly in terms of their wages among others. Under the TFWP, employers may hire temporary foreign workers through the following streams: high-wage workers, low-wage workers, global talent stream, foreign agricultural workers, in-home caregivers, and foreign academics. You are required to apply for a Canadian work permit under one of the above streams i.e. after you must have qualified for a job offer.

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