Canadian Post-Graduate Work Permit 2021: What you must know

Canadian Post-Graduate Work Permit Overview

Post Graduate Work Permit is an open permit that allows international students who have graduated from an eligible Canadian higher education provider to gain valuable work experience.

Post Graduate Work Permit would allow the holder to offer his or her services to a Canadian employer for as many hours as they wish. Muck work experiences can pave the way to obtain a Canadian permanent residence

Post Graduate Work Permit, therefore, offers the holder the valuable opportunity to obtain Canadian permanent residency status.

Eligibility Requirements for a Post-Graduate Work Permit

To be eligible for a Post-Graduate Work Permit, applicants must;

·        Have graduated from an eligible designated learning institution (DLI)

·        Be up to 18 years

·        Have a valid study permit if not, must apply for status as a visitor before applying for a Post Graduate Work Permit

·        Not have before received a postgraduate work permit. 

How long will a Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) be Valid?

A Post Graduate Work Permit is valid between eight months to three years. That is, the length of your study program would influence the length of the validity of your PGWP which is a maximum of three years; this is regardless of situations where applicants studied part-time or are intend to do accelerated studies.

How long does it take to obtain my Post-Graduate Work Permit?

A Post Graduate Work Permit can take about 80 to 180 days to process. During this period, you are free to work in Canada provided you applied for a PGWP before the expiry date of your study permit

 It is important to know that you will be given 180 days to apply for your Post Graduate Work Permit from the date you fulfill all the requirements of your study program.

How a PGWP can help you to get a Permanent Residency in Canada

Canada’s Post Graduate Program helps to bridge the gap between education and valuable work experience which is essential to getting a permanent residency in Canada. Interested international students should apply under the Canadian Express Entry System.

Having a Canadian education coupled with valuable work experiences made possible through PGWP makes gives Express Entryapplicants impressive additional extra points subsequently giving them an edge over their competitors in receiving a permanent residency in Canada.

Also, candidates with PGWP will also have an edge when getting a permanent residency using pathways like the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) or Quebec Experience Class Program for those that studied in Quebec.


Are you Confused about how to Begin your Journey to Canada?

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